Sunday, February 12, 2012

StyleSays (Code)

StyleSays is the new blogging/fashiony website to sweep the net.

Bloggers are no longer staring in awe at the clothes displayed on their computer screens, moping because they cannot be owned.
StyleSays offers a clickthrough link to where the clothes can be bought and for how much.
A number of handpicked Featured Stylists can pick a blogpost from sites such as Tumblr, Chictopia and Lookbook, and re-create the look with clothes from the site. Me Gusta.

Everyone is given a personal page which displays all the styles/threads they've "resaid" all in neat little folders.
In ways, this could be compared to tumblr but it is quite different.
 Non-featured stylists can also "resay" looks and threads, also make-up and beauty products.
Jess kindly gave me an invitation code which can be used up by 10 followers/friends. 
just enter this code: stylesays.rachelroy.1334

This enables you to gain immediate access into the world of StyleSays with no waiting for you to be accepted. 
Have fun.

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