Monday, February 13, 2012

In Love With: Jason Wu

Recently, I've been hearing an awful lot about designer Jason Wu.
He's a relatively fresh face launching his debut collection in 2006 and exploding in 2008 by winning the 'Fashion Group International's Rising Star' award.
Not to mention being nominated for the 'Vogue Fashion Fund' award.
In 2011, he collaborated with CND (Creative Nail Design) for his Spring 2011 collection. So he's not only into clothes. But really, thats not what many people are interested in.
Recently, he's teamed up with Target with a range of adorable threads:

 His 2012 spring collection looks adorable. Harley Viera-Newton, Alexa Chung & Poppy Delevingne were front row at the showing. (Lucky ducks)

What do you think about Jason Wu? Would you rock his threads for Spring 2012?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

StyleSays (Code)

StyleSays is the new blogging/fashiony website to sweep the net.

Bloggers are no longer staring in awe at the clothes displayed on their computer screens, moping because they cannot be owned.
StyleSays offers a clickthrough link to where the clothes can be bought and for how much.
A number of handpicked Featured Stylists can pick a blogpost from sites such as Tumblr, Chictopia and Lookbook, and re-create the look with clothes from the site. Me Gusta.

Everyone is given a personal page which displays all the styles/threads they've "resaid" all in neat little folders.
In ways, this could be compared to tumblr but it is quite different.
 Non-featured stylists can also "resay" looks and threads, also make-up and beauty products.
Jess kindly gave me an invitation code which can be used up by 10 followers/friends. 
just enter this code: stylesays.rachelroy.1334

This enables you to gain immediate access into the world of StyleSays with no waiting for you to be accepted. 
Have fun.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In love with: Charlotte Free

Charlotte Free, an 18 year old high fashion model with a love of jellyfish and the circus.
Her highlighter head caught the eye of a scouter at an arcade in LA and from there, she blew up like a balloon on steroids.

Modelling for the big boys such as Topshop, Jalouse, Marchesa, Vivienne Westwood, Louise Gray, and even Adidas, she has also been featured in Vogue on a number of occasions in different countries.

Its her pink hair that makes her stick out like a sore thumb on the catwalk, but if all you have to do is dye your hair a bright colour to get in the industry then call me a model!
Of course she didn't get a career on her hair alone, her pixie-like face and walk is what gives her all the hype as well as her luminous head.

Not everyone loves Charlotte Free however, and her height has gotten her some negative press:

"If she blows up to be a star this fall-winter season, I'll be sooo mad. She's 5'7" and she has pink hair - what is she even doing in this industry?"

"i don't think it is going to happen. she is too short for that"

Some would argue though that her versatility is what makes her the top of everyone's list

I have to say, I and many others have been bitten by the Charlotte Free bug...Whats not to love?
She's seemingly really chill and down to earth, matching her style which consists of lots of Iron Maiden and Slayer tees... What do you think of Charlotte Free? love her/hate her/don't have an opinion?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Inspiration: Violet Harmon

I have a new-found obsession with 'American Horror Story's character 'Violet Harmon'
Her outfits come across as effortlessly adorable. Its the slouchiness that make them so appealing to me.
but the slouchiness can be transformed into elegant with a fedora.

 She seems to wear layers and cardigans often and some will be pleased to know that its not a look that you'd have to spend truckloads of money to imitate (unless you develop a niccotine addiction...)

Bowler hats,
brogues [or boots to toughen an outfit up]
long dresses [think granny-esque/floral]
cardigans [warm colours: yellows/browns]
knit scarves
patterned tights
 knee-high socks
fringe-trimmed cardigans

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Favourites of 2011 -Fashion and Beauty Products (I'm late, I know)

 In 2011, I completely flipped my wardrobe upside down.
I went from jeans and converse to dresses and heels (but of course I'd slip on some jeans and docs on a lazy day ;3)

So favourite number 1 of 2011:

From Left to Right :
Picked this up in debanhams on a random rack, Izabel €28
Found it in Arnotts Project (closed down), Criminal Damage: €?

Got this in Arnotts, Laundry Room €38 [I think]

Favourite number 2:

I've already done a post on these click here to see it...So these can be found at and prices range from $79 (thats €61) to $129 (thats €99)
Kids ones can be bought for €61...I would recommend getting these because they are all generally the same size.
Adult spirithoods have slightly more variety but theres no harm in checking both.

Beauty Products
Favourite number 3:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid

With absolutely amazing coverage and dewy finish, Studio Fix foundation has to be my favourite...I hate my freckles so its nice to know I can make them and the dark circles under my eyes dissapear while still looking pale...I love how MAC has more variety in colour as opposed to drugstore foundations such as Rimmel and Maybeline
Since I don't need concealer, this saves time in the morning :3 I love.
Can be bought in Brown Thomas or any BT2 stores in Ireland or on the MAC website

Favourite number 4:
Manly 120 Pallette
 I did a review on this bad boy a while ago can be found here
I love love love love love this, its so handy and I just ARGH love it.
A quick review: Lovely pigmentation while still blending brilliantly, so much to choose from between mattes and shimmers and all together in one pallette.
You can buy it here for €22/$30

Last but not least Favourite number 5:
Everything Soap and Glory

It was the retro packaging of the products that made me want to try Soap & Glory products in the first place...They can be bought in Boots and pretty much anywhere for reasonable enough prices...I can assure that you get what you pay for with this stuff.

In the picture, from Left to right:

A mini tub of Soap & Glory 'Flake Away' with shea butter, [This differs slightly from "The Scrub of Your Life" another exfoliator from Soap & Glory but they do the same job.]

'GirlGo' moisturizing body spray, [I haven't gotten a chance to use this properly yet]

'The Greatest Scrub of All' facial exfoliator [This is similar to 'The Scrub of Your Life' body exfoliator but this contains gentle beads that pop...cute isn't it?]

Body butter with Shea butter. [again, haven't gotten to use this properly either]