Monday, February 13, 2012

In Love With: Jason Wu

Recently, I've been hearing an awful lot about designer Jason Wu.
He's a relatively fresh face launching his debut collection in 2006 and exploding in 2008 by winning the 'Fashion Group International's Rising Star' award.
Not to mention being nominated for the 'Vogue Fashion Fund' award.
In 2011, he collaborated with CND (Creative Nail Design) for his Spring 2011 collection. So he's not only into clothes. But really, thats not what many people are interested in.
Recently, he's teamed up with Target with a range of adorable threads:

 His 2012 spring collection looks adorable. Harley Viera-Newton, Alexa Chung & Poppy Delevingne were front row at the showing. (Lucky ducks)

What do you think about Jason Wu? Would you rock his threads for Spring 2012?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

StyleSays (Code)

StyleSays is the new blogging/fashiony website to sweep the net.

Bloggers are no longer staring in awe at the clothes displayed on their computer screens, moping because they cannot be owned.
StyleSays offers a clickthrough link to where the clothes can be bought and for how much.
A number of handpicked Featured Stylists can pick a blogpost from sites such as Tumblr, Chictopia and Lookbook, and re-create the look with clothes from the site. Me Gusta.

Everyone is given a personal page which displays all the styles/threads they've "resaid" all in neat little folders.
In ways, this could be compared to tumblr but it is quite different.
 Non-featured stylists can also "resay" looks and threads, also make-up and beauty products.
Jess kindly gave me an invitation code which can be used up by 10 followers/friends. 
just enter this code: stylesays.rachelroy.1334

This enables you to gain immediate access into the world of StyleSays with no waiting for you to be accepted. 
Have fun.