Sunday, December 25, 2011

Manly 120 Palette Review...Merry Christmas Everyone

So Santa Clause being the babe that he is brought me a Manly 120 Palette this Christmas...Here's a review:
For those who don't know, the Manly 120 Palette (Pronouced Mun-Lee) is an eyeshadow pallete with 120 colours...straightforward enough eh? It can be purchased on eBay for a surprisingly reasonable price. This is what had me sketchy about it, but we'll get to that later.

(Apologies for this being sideways, blogger seems to hate me... and also apologies for the grubbiness, I, being myself, couldn't resist getting my annoying fingerprints all over the thing)

So when it arrived it was all wrapped up in bubble wrap.
When I finally retrived the pallette after unrolling layers and layers of the damn stuff, I found a note saying that they could not give me the 8 Gift Brushes promised, as there was none left -which I was bummed about because I needed some- but instead, gave me some other goodies...
(This is sideways too...its not mean't to be...)

SO! Instead of the 8 brushes, I received false eyelashes, (You can only see the packaging because I'm an idiot and wore them today, before doing this) Some glitter pots, and a mini pack of 5 brushes...

The glitter pots...

 Here is the little packet that the brushes came in...The make is "Jenny" I've never heard of it but if you have, yay for you.

They're all mini brushes but they're quite good quality...I'm happy that they didn't try to fod me off with some 'magazine gift'-quality things
Now on to the actual pallette...

I found out about these things on Make-up Bee and decided to go and see for myself. When I saw that it was €23, I grew skeptical and scourged the internet for reviews. They were generally positive, the only problem was that some people had recived the pallette damaged, but I assumed that had to do with shipping and not the pallette itself.

The pallette is divided into 2 removable trays, both include a mix of shimmery and matte colours of every shade. This is a little overwhelming when you open it up at first, (but in a good way.)
However, the shadows are fragile and break quite easily, which explains the damaged pallettes that I read about.

[If you decide to buy this, and it ends up damaged, it is super easy to fix...Find out how, here]

The colours are really nicely pigmented and blend wonderfully...I haven't got around to trying all of the colours but I have come across only 2 colours that don't really show up on my skin as they should...
TRAY NUMBER 1: Here, you can find neutral shades on the left and right side of the pallette This is my favourite tray as it contains my favourite colours along with some browns for everyday use. It also includes 2 whites: one shimmery and one matte. (This is handy because white seems to run out easily.

(Sorry a bit of the corner is missing here...I seem to be apologising a lot) 

TRAY NUMBER 2: So here, brighter colours can be found...I don't know how many blues they think people need...goodness...But anyway, again, there is a mix of shimmery and matte colours which I love.

OVERALL: This pallette has some really really gorgeous shades for every thing from school to a night out. 
To be honest, I don't think I'll bother with any other pallettes again...The shadows are so pigmented and are such good quality, not to mention the range of colours.

So for the price of €23/$29.99 with free postage and packaging, and a free gift of 8 brushes, you can't go wrong.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Night of the Living Thread

If you're familiar with quirky post-hardcore screamo band Rolo Tomassi, then you may be familiar with frontwoman Eva Spence's little business 'Night of the Living Thread' <-- see what she did there? 
Everything is hand-made by her and it is definitely worth browsing around for Christmas...
She makes everything from buntings to hair bows to jumpers, to tees to cushions, all affordable and close to home so there's no ridiculous unexpected shipping fee...
Here's a few of the bits and bobs that can be found...

and my favourite...
Go and have a look. Its definitely worth it.


First post...

One thing I was definitely looking forward to this winter is a chance to get snug in my Spirithood...I scraped up the money I had and nagged my mam to get her credit card out over the summer but, to my dismay, Ireland had a surprisingly hot summer so I didn't get a chance to wear my Spirithood too often + the times that I did resulted in a horrible sweaty head...ew.

 Spirithoods can be bought here for a steep price. . .but hey, express shipping for Christmas. 
Although, knock offs can be found all over Dublin stalls ever since Jessie J and Skrillex were seen wearing them...

...but of course, the shitty material and lack of warmth is to be expected.
If walking around like you've just escaped from the zoo isn't your thing, they do have hats without the paws, but where's the fun in that? 
Overall, a Spirithood would be a cute thing to put on your Christmas list this year.