Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In love with: Charlotte Free

Charlotte Free, an 18 year old high fashion model with a love of jellyfish and the circus.
Her highlighter head caught the eye of a scouter at an arcade in LA and from there, she blew up like a balloon on steroids.

Modelling for the big boys such as Topshop, Jalouse, Marchesa, Vivienne Westwood, Louise Gray, and even Adidas, she has also been featured in Vogue on a number of occasions in different countries.

Its her pink hair that makes her stick out like a sore thumb on the catwalk, but if all you have to do is dye your hair a bright colour to get in the industry then call me a model!
Of course she didn't get a career on her hair alone, her pixie-like face and walk is what gives her all the hype as well as her luminous head.

Not everyone loves Charlotte Free however, and her height has gotten her some negative press:

"If she blows up to be a star this fall-winter season, I'll be sooo mad. She's 5'7" and she has pink hair - what is she even doing in this industry?"

"i don't think it is going to happen. she is too short for that"

Some would argue though that her versatility is what makes her the top of everyone's list

I have to say, I and many others have been bitten by the Charlotte Free bug...Whats not to love?
She's seemingly really chill and down to earth, matching her style which consists of lots of Iron Maiden and Slayer tees... What do you think of Charlotte Free? love her/hate her/don't have an opinion?


  1. Just found your blog through IFB page, i was looking for Irish bloggers :D love your blog, following! Charlotte Free is such a unique model, the pink hair is so cool!x


    1. Thank you! I love Irish bloggers too, makes it easier to pick up some lovely finds.
      I'll be sure to check your blog out ;3

  2. I love her look! Pink hair is the best!

    1. Being honest, I'm not a fan of the colour pink.
      Shes also dyed her hair blue and purple. Out of them all, I'd say the purple was my favourite ;)

  3. She's beautiful! I'm glad she made it in the modeling industry. we need some quirkiness/individuality. I hate identical frail tall models..

    found the route

    1. Thats so true.
      Shes so versatile aswell. I think she does best in editorial, but thats just my opinion.
      The fashion industry is (thankfully) slowly doing away with the identical frail models, theyre pretty boring.